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GW Murphy Wholesale

Up to 90 days of trade credit

We've partnered with BlueTape to handle all ins and outs of our payments and trade credit program, enabling us to focus on what we do best: serving you, our valued customers.

*Get pre-qualified in seconds without affecting your credit score


0% and no payments for the first 30 days

Extended terms

Get access to 30-, 60-, or 90-day terms with 0% fees for the first 30 days


Access your account 24/7

View your invoices and credit account’s terms at any time and get an overview of your payment schedule and history


Fast paperless approval

Fast approval with a few clicks without any costs or effects on your credit score


Fund your growth on your phone


Materials when you need them

No more constantly juggling jobs and schedules around cash flow for much-needed building materials, tools, or equipment


Take on more work & bigger jobs

When you can buy building materials with ease, you put your business in a better position to succeed long-term


Manage it all from your mobile phone

Your best tool may be in your back pocket right now. Manage your line of credit from any device and pay your invoices all in one place.

Do I qualify?

for US-based construction businesses only

I have a business checking account at a U.S. bank

I have $100,000 or more in annual revenue

I have been in business for 2 or more years

I have a credit score of 620 or higher

How does it work?

Prequalify for BlueTape lines of credit

Connect your business bank account

Buy as usual at GW Murphy Wholesale and receive your invoice

Pay your invoice with your BlueTape credit line, ACH, or credit card

Connecting your business bank account securely via Plaid or Finicity (part of the Mastercard family) helps BlueTape determine your business performance and make faster approval decisions. Your connection is encrypted and secure.

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