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Offer extended trade credit to your customers with exclusive BlueTape offer for NEMEON members

Sell more and improve your customer experience

Get paid faster

For roofing and siding distributors

NEMEON and BlueTape are joining forces to propel distributors to new heights with extended trade credit


Lower the risk of offering customer financing on your own


Compete with big-box stores by offering up to 90 days financing


Simplify your invoicing and bring your DSO down to 1 day


Reduce your credit card processing fees and lower your costs


Give your customers an easy way to pay and access their invoices online 24/7


Minimize the risk of credit card fraud

Member-Exclusive Trade Credit Offer

As a member of NEMEON, you gain access to an exclusive BlueTape trade credit offer. Be sure to mention your membership when speaking with one of our team members, like Rick Butler!

Got questions?

Want help getting started?

Click below to book a 15-minute meeting directly with Rick Butler. He'll get you all the info you need to help your customers buy more and buy faster.


Rick Butler

Sales Executive, BlueTape

Trusted by construction businesses like you

Kara Rodriguez

"Blue Tape has been exceptional to work with! Their model is super easy to utilize and the reps are awesome. They go above and beyond to answer questions."

Don White

"For a long time we wanted to start offering trade credit in house. It was not possible to do it. We found out about Blue tape from one of our customers. We have been using them for 2 months now. Our customers like it a lot. It's easy to get started and our customers like to get credit on their phone"

Ryan Booker

"Blue tape is changing the game in our business. We are able to scale with this company and what they do. I want to thank the team for their help and support with everything. True game changer"

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